akeview at Fontana came into being in the early 1950’s as a resort called “Vacation Land.” Vacationing families frequented this quintessential ’50s motel for its simple cabins, shuffleboard court and coffee shop. For two decades, the mountainside resort thrived—couples honeymooned, families gathered and guests formed lasting friendships. Unfortunately, the following twenty years weren’t as prosperous. Vacation Land fell on hard times under new ownership and without repairs, it was all but forgotten.

In 1995, three partners discovered Vacation Land and decided to bring it back to life. Combining their talents for carpentry, interior design and marketing, the three set to work improving the property.

By all appearances, the place was still a ’50s resort with turquoise-trimmed buildings, red Formica countertops and original furniture. But as the three began upgrading the property and replacing the furniture, a Mediterranean influence began to emerge. Inspired by their travels through Europe, they shared an appreciation for the unpretentious decor of European cafes and hotels.

Renamed Lakeview at Fontana, the rustic-chic resort now boasts stuccoed cottages, curved stairwells, intimate nooks, flower boxes and golden, Tuscan colors. With the addition of a cafe, boutique spa and daily yoga classes, it has become a popular destination for people from across the country seeking a relaxing, laid-back getaway. Though mindful of its humble beginnings, Lakeview at Fontana has officially been redefined and reinvented.

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