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New Service - Warm Bamboo Massage
Nature's tools deliver deep, delicious pressure with this full-body massage inspired by the ancient East. Polished bamboo wands and skin-enriching coconut oil roll away buried tension and ease tight muscles, while pressing stress from even the most stubborn of spots. With less draping & unique massage techniques- it's perfect for a seasoned spa enthusiast or those seeking a deep massage. 80 minutes - $139.

Spa Suggestion: Pair it with our scent-sationally smoothing Thai Herbal Body Polish ($99) and treat skin (and within) to an exotic island vacation, right here in the Smokies.

Hot Stone Massage
Let 40 gently warmed basalt stones and soothing massage techniques turn your body to putty. Together, the heat and pressure of the stones creates an unparalleled sense of relaxation, positively melting away aches, tension and stiffness. It's a "spahhhh" experience like no other. Not recommended for our pregnant guests. 80 minutes - $139.

Aromatic Hot Towel Massage
Indulge all your senses with our signature recipe for full-body renewal. A deeply relaxing massage combines with steamy-hot towels steeped in aromatic essential oils to create an all-over, full-sensory experience you won't soon forget, and will never want to end. Not recommended for our pregnant guests. 80 minutes - $139.

The "All-in-One" Massage
Sometimes, choice is overrated. Just sit back, relax and say, "I want it all, please," and you can surrender to this head-to-toe treatment which blends a tension-lifting relaxation massage with hot stones in all the right places. When you have it all, what more can you ask for? 50 minutes- $99. (light to standard pressure)

Muscle Repair Massage
Feeling the burn? Let anti-inflammatory extracts of Arnica infused in our sumptuous massage oil combine with deep massage to release muscle tension and ease joint stiffness. Intense, constant pressure is applied to specific points to alleviate and begin to repair even the fiercest post-workout aches and pains. Athletes and weekend warriors rejoice! 50 minutes - $99, plus $15 additional charge. (deep pressure)

Relaxation Massage
The name says it all. Lie back and let the world fade away, along with all the stress and tension you've been carrying around, with this truly therapeutic massage. Various techniques and pressures are adjusted to suit your personal comfort level, increase circulation and create an overall sense of calm and well-being. 50 minutes - $99. 80 minutes - $139. (light to standard pressure)

Ultimate Hand & Foot Treatment
Refresh tired tootsies and hard-working hands with a fully pampering combination treatment of steamy towels, hot stones and plenty of gentle massage. Especially designed for seniors or those with painful, overworked joints, this fully clothed massage is also a wonderful choice for a first massage experience. 50 minutes - $99.

Prenatal Massage
Pure pampering for you and baby awaits in this gentle, comforting massage designed to calm those pregnancy aches and pains while letting you fully relax into your changing body. Performed while lying on your side and comfortably supported by pillows, this massage will be just what you need to recapture that momma-to-be glow. 50 minutes - $99.

Thai Yoga Massage
Experience the deep, full-body release of yoga, without any of the work. A practitioner expertly uses her hands, knees, legs and feet to guide your body through a series of gentle stretches and postures on a floor mat, while massaging your body's energy channels and pressure points. The combination of yoga and massage blends to relieve muscle tension, boost circulation and balance energy flow. Because this ancient style of massage is done fully clothed without lotions or oils, it's best to wear comfortable clothing that can flex – and relax - with you. Perfect for Seniors! 50 minutes - $99.

All 50-minute services are $99. All 80-minute services are $139. Prices do not include gratuity. Standard gratuity for spa treatments is 15%-20% of treatment cost.

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