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body treatments

Sweet Dreams Body Wrap
The best nap of your life awaits you following this infinitely relaxing treatment. Warm oil infused with aromatic essential herbs is poured over and then gently massaged into your skin. A cocoon of warmed blankets amplifies the nourishing effect and wraps you in blissful, baby-cozy comfort. No wonder it's one our spa specialties. 50 minutes - $99. Not recommended for our pregnant guests.

Green Tea Detoxifying Body Treatment
Refresh and renew with this ancient, antioxidant-rich tonic that's as good for your outsides as it is for your insides. Our green tea treatment flushes out water retention and improves skin tone in four equally revitalizing steps: light exfoliation, a warming clay mask, a full body wrap and a clarifying body cream. Delicious! 80 minutes - $139. Not recommended for our pregnant guests.

Thai Herbal Body Mask-
Coming May 2014!

Our Thai Herbal Body polish was so popular, weve designed its counterpart. Its as if weve taken the perfect, Thai-inspired cocktail and turned it into head-to-toe refreshment for mind, body and soul. Skin is polished and prepared with dry brushing before being covered in a rich & creamy, nutrient-rich body mask. Designed to stimulate circulation and replenish parched skin with essential oils of lemongrass, ginger, & sage this treatment leaves skin feeling quenched, soothed and utterly pampered. 80 minutes - $139.


Skin Softening Scrubs
It's your choice- a little sweet, a little citrusy, or a little spicy– these stimulating scrubs feel as good as they smell. Our invigorating, all-over scrub exfoliates while the super-emollient finishing cream seals it all in. You'll feel beautifully replenished. Please refrain from shaving before your treatment. 50 minutes - $99.
Select from three scents:

• Mango Mandarin
• Cranberry Pomegranate
• Grapefruit Ginger

Thai Herbal Body Polish
The exotic & delightfully refreshing scents of lemongrass, ginger, and sage brighten your skin (and outlook) during this skin softening body treatment.  Smell and feel as though you’ve experienced a tropical retreat. 50 minutes - $99.

Self-serve Pedicure Bar
A perfect treat for tired feet, this in-room pedicure bar includes a medley of delights for preparing your own pedicure. Soothing salts, smoothing scrubs, a selection of 20 polishes, and essential tools provide everything you need for perfectly polished toes. 2-hour rental $30 pp ($25 pp for groups of 3 or more.)


All 50-minute services are $99. All 80-minute services are $139. Prices do not include gratuity. Standard gratuity for spa treatments is 15%-20% of treatment cost.

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