Thank you for booking an appointment.  To ensure the most pleasant experience, please review the following.


Parking is available after Building 4, just past the umbrellas on the left.


*scroll down for massage info

Take the stairwell in between Building 3 & 4 to the very top and onto the road.  Turn right, walking about 50 ft to the two wooden staircases on the hillside.  


*Please go to the soaking cabana assigned to you:

Soaking Cabana A or Soaking Cabana B  


You do not need to check in with staff prior to your appointment.  It's a only a 5 minute hike, so please relax in our lounge until just prior to your appointment time to allow adequate cleaning.  Please be courteous of next guests by departing on time.

Enjoy your treetop soaking experience!

Image by Toa Heftiba


MASKS REQUIRED DURING  all spa services for your protection & the protection of our staff. No exceptions.

Massages are in Building 2.  After parking, turn around as if exiting and continue past the deck to the first building on the left.


Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to discuss any health issues with your therapist. 


Enjoy your massage!


TEXT staff directly at 828.202.4162