NEW!  Mahala Facial Therapy


What is a Kansa Wand?

Originating in Ayurvedic medicine, this traditional & ancient tool uses the healing benefits of bronze to relieve stress, enhance health, increase energy, and leave skin glowing.  Massaging the face with a Kansa wand is thought to calm the mind and revitalize complexion by increasing blood circulation.   Gaining much popularity in Western treatments & in the media, facial massage has tremendous healing and anti-aging benefits.  

Read more about Jessica Alba's new obsession with facial massage! 

NEW! Mahala Facial Therapy

This lifting and deeply relaxing facial therapy combines skin nourishing jojoba oil, aromatherapy, and line-smoothing massage techniques with a traditional Ayurvedic healing Kansa wand.  By eliminating products & the steps of a cleansing facial, this therapy focuses on increasing blood circulation, revitalizing complexion and lifting.  A signature spa service exclusive to Lakeview at Fontana, this exceptionally nurturing treatment reduces the appearance of lines & puffiness while stimulating circulation for an extra-healthy glow.  Perfect for headache or tension relief.

(The perk… a warm Mahala foot massage!)

50 minutes - $99


NEW! Turmeric & Honey Facial

Proven to promote healing and reduce inflammation, turmeric's anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties are perfect for acneic or stressed skin. Combined with honey and rosewater, it’s nature’s best remedy! 

50 minutes - $99


NEW! Activated Charcoal Facial

Remove impurities and reveal clearer, softer skin with an all-natural activated charcoal mask.  Though perfect for any skin type, this facial is especially beneficial for clogged skin needing an extra boost. 

50 minutes - $99

Spa Suggestion: Pair it with our Hot Stone Massage ($139) and lay back while we pamper you from head-to-toe.


Replenishing Pumpkin Facial
Using the exfoliating and anti-oxidant properties of organic pumpkin, this mask renews dry, tired skin. Rich in Vitamin A and glycolic AHA, the pumpkin mask gently lifts dull surface cells revealing a fresh complexion.

50 minutes - $99


Men's Rescue Facial
An appropriately rugged offering at our Smoky Mountain spa this facial deep cleans and soothes skin roughed up by sports, outdoor exposure and frequent shaving.  An added foot massage makes this the perfect head-to-toe rescue after a day spent conquering the mountains.

50 minutes - $99.

Spa Suggestion: Pair it with our Aromatic Hot Towel Massage ($139); who's says men cannot enjoy a spa day?


European Facial
Inspired by old-world wisdom and customized for your skin's specific needs, this traditional European facial combines nourishing all-natural formulations, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, to refine and pamper your complexion. A shoulder, décolleté and hand massage melt stress, increase blood flow and perfectly complement this revitalizing, repairing treatment.

50 minutes - $99.


Paraffin Pure Results Facials

These intensly pampering facials begin with our customized European facial and add a condition-specific vitamin serum, topped with a mask of warm, melted paraffin wax allowing the specially formulated vitamins and nutrients to fully penetrate your skin.


Select from two condition-specific serums:


Vitamin C Anti-aging Paraffin Facial 
Prefer to keep your age to yourself? This facial's firming Vitamin C serum stimulates collagen production and cell renewal, while a deep-penetrating eye mask combats early fine lines. The result? Visibly plump, glowing skin that looks as young as you feel.

80 minutes - $139.


Solar Repair Paraffin  Facial
Age spots and uneven skin tone are not-so-pretty reminders of years spent basking in the summer sun. Get your glow back - sans UV rays - and refresh sun-damaged skin with a botanical skin-brightening serum rich in natural licorice extract for a smooth, polished look.

80 minutes - $139.

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