Welcome to Lakeview at Fontana


Parking is available after the third "arrivals" building, just past the umbrellas on the left.


After parking, take the circular stairwell in front of the arrivals building to the very top and onto the road.  Turn right, walking about 50 ft to the wooden stairs on the hillside.  

Please note whether you are in the upper or lower cabana.  It's a only a 5 minute walk, so please relax in our lounge until just prior to your scheduled appointment time.  

Enjoy your treetop soaking experience!


The spa is in the second building from the entrance.  After parking, turn around as if exiting, and it's just downhill past the deck on the left, follow the signs to the spa's entrance.  Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment start time and discuss any health issues with your therapist.  Enjoy your spa treatment!

Please text us at 828.202.4162 

if you wish to text staff directly

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