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You've seen those dreamy tropical destinations that have the most gorgeous outdoor bathtubs that everyone swoons over?

Most people don't know they can have a similar experience right here in North Carolina.


-recent soaking cabana guest


Enjoy your getaway in a charming hideaway surrounded by tranquil mountains with gorgeous views. From grounded nature hikes to an unforgettable treetop soaking experience, you'll have a chance to indulge and relax.

Each Soaking Cabana features an oversized stand-alone tub (large enough for two) with a spectacular view of Fontana Lake & the Smoky Mountains.

With fresh mountain air and no staff contact it's an exceptionally safe and deeply nurturing experience.  Simply arrive to a perfectly prepared cabana and begin soaking up nature.


rentals are for 90-minutes only



Includes therapeutic Epsom & Himalayan salts custom blended with aromatic essential oils, plus Turkish towels and robes for two guests to use while in cabana.




This couple's ritual sets the mood for togetherness.  Soak up romance in sensual soaking salts and renew your connection as you sip on chilled champagne.  Complete your rekindling ritual with our signature cabana cream to nourish each other's skin.  Plus Turkish towels and robes for two guest to use while in cabana. 




Nature is the best sit back, relax, and let nourishing ingredients restore your body & mind while you soak up nature and the stunning view.  A cleansing shampoo & hydrating hair mask, clarifying clay facial mask, and our signature cabana cream to seal the deal.  Plus Turkish towels and robes for two guests to use while in cabana.


For ultimate privacy, the soaking cabanas are 100% contact-free, make sure to remember your cabana assignment.

You have the cabana for 90-minutes total, you fill/empty the tub and have control over water temperature.


You will not be able to soak for 90-minutes, please plan for this.  The average soak time is about 60-minutes.  You are responsible for arriving on time and leaving at the scheduled end time.

This is a soaking-in-nature experience with full privacy during your rental; however, some guests may choose to wear a swimsuit. 

There is a bathroom in the cabana.

Ritual products cannot be substituted or combined.

Due to the forested location, flames are not allowed; therefore, we use electric candles.​


treetop soaking cabana