Our staff are kind, approachable, eager to please and on property.  We're here for you and encourage you to communicate your needs and let us know if there's anything which would make your visit more comfortable.  If you have any other questions, email or text, I'm happy to help!


reservations & accommodations

When are your check in/check out times?

Check in is at 4pm. We cannot guarantee early check in but you are welcome to arrive on property at any time and will be allowed to check in to your room as soon as it's cleaned and sanitized. Check out is 10:30am. In order to provide housekeeping with enough time to clean and sanitize rooms, we ask all departures be made by 10:30am. We cannont guarantee a late check out but if it's available, we are happy to accommodate, just ask!

Are TVs in the rooms?

Intentionally focused on creating a restful repose, TVs and WiFi are blissfully absent in all accommodations. Need WiFi? Want more entertainment? No problem...most guests receive a strong cell signal and use their cell phones as a mobile hot spot for streaming or use the complimentary WiFi in our lounge. Staying longer? We won't judge if you'd like to bring your tablet or Smart TV.

Do you serve breakfast?

We no longer offer breakfast or wine hour but we have coffee and water in our lounge. We do not have a restaurant onsite but there are some within a 10-minute drive from our property and we are happy to provide our favorites. Text "favorites" to 828.202.4162. Suites are equipped with a kitchenette and includes everything needed to make your meals in your room. You can also purchase food from our Honor Market.

Is your property pet-friendly?

Yes! We love fur babies, please be sure to select a room that is indicated as "pet-friendly". The pet fee is $15 per pet per night and read our pet policy before your arrival.

Do you have strong, reliable WiFi?

We offer complimentary WiFi in our lounge but it can be spotty during inclement weather. Most guests receive a strong cell signal so they can use their cell phone as a Hot Spot in their room.

Can I have food delivered?

Unfortunately, food delivery is not available in our area but the restaurants are only a ten-minute drive from our property. Suites are equipped with kitchenettes and cooking essentials to make your own meals in the comfort of your room. We also have food available for purchase in our Honor Market.

Can I bring my children?

In order to maintain a relaxing spa environment, the minimum age for all guests is 18 years old. For family friendly lodging, please contact our friends at Watershed Cabins.

Is there daily housekeeping?

We do not offer daily housekeeping but you can find additional towels and bath essentials in our lending cabinet, located in the lounge. If staying longer than 3 nights, you are welcome to request a room refresh, text us at 828.202.4162 to let us know.

Is there Uber/Lyft or Taxi service?

As a small town, we do not currently have Uber, Lyft or taxi services. The great news is that all outdoor activities and restaurants are only a ten minute drive from our property.

My dates are not available, can you double check them?

Our booking calendar is up-to-date with our current availability, so if your dates are not available, you can request to be added to the waitlist by email or please choose alternate dates. If you're looking for a specific room, click on the chat bubble at the bottom right of our website to ask, we are happy to help!

What if we cannot stay three nights?

You are not obligated to remain on-site all three nights of your reservation. Many guests have found our three-night rates comparable to two elsewhere and simply choose to leave a night early. This also enables guests to depart as late as they wish, allowing ample time to relax on departure day.

Do I need to bring my own towels/linens?

No! We gladly provide all linens, towels and paper products for the entire length of your stay. Need more towels or shampoo? No problem...grab what you need from our lending cabinet, located near the lounge.

treetop soaking cabanas

Are the soaking cabana appointments for one or two people?

Treetop Soaking Cabana appointments are for up to two guests and all Soaking Rituals have enough product for two guests as well. There is also a seating area if you'd like to share your appointment with another guest but do not wish to share the tub.

Can I stay overnight in the cabana?

Though dreamy, the Treetop Soaking Cabanas are not overnight accommodations. Similar to spa services, they're a pampering service booked in addition to your room and enjoyed for 90 minutes.

Is the tub large enough for two people?

Yes, they are XL!

Do I need a reservation at the inn to book the cabana?

No, you are not required to stay at the inn to book a Treetop Soaking Cabana. You can book your appointment online.

What is the difference between the Signature Soak and the Soaking Rituals?

All appointments are 90-minutes. The Signature Soak includes essential oil infused bath salts, Aveda bath amenities, Turkish towels, robes and music. The Soaking Rituals includes all elements of the Signature Soak plus luscious upgrades! See our Treetop Soaking Cabanas page for descriptions on the three Soaking Rituals available.

May I bring my pet?

Of course, you are welcome to bring your vacation buddy into the treetop soaking cabanas but they are not allowed on the furniture.

Do I need to wear a swimsuit?

This is a bathing experience with full privacy during your rental; however, some guests feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit.

Can I get a massage in the cabana?

This is intended to be a relaxing, bathing experience so massages are not available inside the cabanas and are done in our spa only. For a spa like experience, choose one of our Soaking Rituals.

Are children allowed?

All Treetop Soaking Cabana guests must be 18 years or older.

How can I make sure I'm getting the cabana with the best view?

Both Treetop Soaking Cabanas are set on a forested hillside and have the same view of Fontana Lake and the Smoky Mountains.

How can I buy what's included in my appointment?

We sell the Turkish towels and the lemongrass essential oil (used to make the body cream) in our Honor Market along with other spa items.

Can I create my own customized Soaking Ritual?

While we can understand wanting to customize your own, we can only offer the combination of two Soaking Rituals at this time. The cost for the elements of the second ritual is an additional $50. Please let us know in advance so we can make sure you're cabana is prepared for your arrival.

massage & spa

Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Presidential Appointment with Senate Confirmation The USPTO Director acts as the principal advisor to the President on all intellectual property (IP) policy matters, serves as chief executive of USPTO and guides PTO’s strategic and management goals. This USPTO Director is crucial to S&T in the next administration because they steer the PTO’s direction on IP priorities—a healthy patent and trademark system is necessary for competitive innovation in technology. Director will play a critical role in aiding and supporting the implementation of administration’s policies on innovation, industrialization, research and development, food and drug, and trade.

Deputy Under Secretary and Deputy Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Appointment Excepted by Statute The Deputy Director acts as an advisor to the PTO Director and responsible for the operations of 4 USPTO Regional Offices, including 13,000 employees, and the management of the $3.5 Billion budget. They divide policy leadership duties with the PTO Director. They aid in steering PTO’s direction on iP priorities. Similarly, they can focus the legislative, regulatory, and international initiatives needed to support the next administration’s S&T agenda.

Chief of Staff

Noncareer Appointment The Chief of Staff acts as an advisor to the PTO Director and responsible for operational management, as well as the communication of the President’s IP agenda. Primary liaison for day-to-day policy coordination with the White House, Department of Commerce, and other agencies. They are the key bridge between administration and PTO in shaping and executing an IP agenda that values S&T. During the Obama administration, the Chief of Staff was a source of substantive counsel to the Under Secretary on S&T policy matters.

Commissioner of Patents

Career Appointment The Commissioner of Patents is the operational lead of the patents division of USPTO. Manages and directs administration of patent operations, examination policy, patent quality management, international patent cooperation, resources and planning, and budget administration. Although typically an operational role for PTO, previous Commissioners have played a substantial role in S&T policy discussions and decision making.

Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations

Career Appointment The Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations proves oversight to nine Patent Technology Centers including biotech and organic fields, chemical and materials engineering, computer architecture software and information security, computer networks, multiplex, cable, and cryptography, communications, semiconductor, etc. Lastly, they have oversight over priority areas of emerging technology, especially considering plans of SME reshoring and AI development.

Chief Policy Officer and Director for International Affairs

Career Appointment The Chief Policy Officer (CPO) acts as a policy advisor to the USPTO Director. The CPO manages USPTO’s domestic and international intellectual property (IP) policy activities, legislative engagement through the Office of Governmental Affairs, education and training through the through the Global Intellectual Property Academy (GIPA), global advocacy through the IP Attache Program, and economic analysis of the Office of the Chief Economist. Intellectual property can become more collaborative or more combative internationally, and thus the CPO plays a crucial role in advancing USPTO’s leadership and participation in both domestic and international innovation policy, especially with the increased focus on global technological competition.

General Counsel

Career Appointment The General Counsel acts as the legal advisor to the PTO Director. They oversee the Office of General Counsel, which includes the Office of the Solicitor, the Office of General Law, and the Office of Enrollment and Discipline. Represents the agency before the Federal Circuits and works with the Solicitor General and Dept. of Justice to formulate USG positions on Supreme Court litigations. They shape U.S innovation policy by intervening on behalf of the Federal Government in appellate cases that bear on substantive patent, trade secrecy, and copyright law.

Chief Information Officer

Career Appointment The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the principal advisor to USPTO on the design, development, and management of its information systems and technology. Hackers and legacy software hinder reliable processing of USPTO’s patent applications, slowing down innovation. The CIO has the opportunity to undertake a fundamental stabilization and modernization effort to transition USPTO to modern technology, which would make USPTO more agile and would enable more American innovation.

Chief Judge of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)

Career Appointment The Chief Judge of the PTAB leads the PTAB as it conducts post-grant trials, including inter partes reviews, post-grant reviews, covered business method patent reviews and derivation proceedings, and as it hears appeals from adverse examiner decisions in patent applications and reexamination proceedings. PTAB administrative adjudication is becoming increasingly important to patent policy, which heavily influences American innovation. Over the last few years the patent board has received numerous challenges, including a few Supreme Court cases.